Young 2's

Ms. Kelsey is the teacher for children who are a year and a half to two years old. She has been at KCLC since 2020. Ms. Niasia is her assistant and loves to add her own spice to the class. In this classroom, children learn to share, start eating by themselves, and explore their environment. They can also start trying to potty train when the parents or child is ready.


  • Crib-sized Sheet & Blanket
  • 1 Water Bottle & 1 Milk Bottle
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper Cream
  • Change of clothes (just in case)
  • Jacket


6:30-8:30        Arrival and free play
8:30-8:45        Diaper change
8:45-8:50        Wash hands
8:50-9:15         Breakfast (AM snack)
9:15-9:25 Wash hands
9:25-10:30       Outside Play/Gross Motor Play
10:30-10:45     Diaper change and wash hands
10:45-11:10       Free play/Arts and crafts
11:10-11:25         Circle time
11:25-11:30        Wash hands/prepare for lunch
11:30-12:00       Lunch
12:00-12:15       Diaper change/wash hands
12:15-2:15          Nap (quiet time)
2:15-2:45          Wake up/Diaper change
2:45-3:45         Outside play/Gross Motor Play
3:45-3:50         Wash hands
3:50-4:15          PM Snack
4:15-4:30         Diaper change
4:30-6:00        Free play/pickup