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We are excited to welcome you to the nursery! Our Kids Zone family is committed to providing nurturing care for our children in a safe and spiritually stimulating environment. The Tree House is a special space designed for our youngest disciples (from infants to pre-k). It is our goal to partner with parents as we guide even our youngest children to love God and love others.



Join us on Wednesday nights as we become artists and chefs and scientists to learn all about the story of Joseph and his brothers. We'll meet all of the characters in the story and follow their journey from the Holy Land to Egypt and eventually to reconciliation & forgiveness! See you on Wednesday!
This month we'll be looking at the greatest hero of all time: Jesus! Join us on an awesome underwater adventure where we'll take a deep dive into some of the stories of Jesus to discover some of the greatest treasures of all time. Each week we'll explore what the parables of Jesus have to say to us through story, drama, art & music!

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Kelley Pirkle

Nursery Coordinator

Catherine Lombard

Children’s Ministry Director

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