Young 3's

Our younger three's teacher is Mrs. Dorina. She has been teaching for 19 years. This class is for children transitioning from the 2's to the potty-trained 3's. They learn to be more independent and make their own choices. Children will also begin to learn about responsibility and building friendships.


6:30-7:30        Combined in Opening Room (151)
7:30-8:15         Wash Hands/Free Play
8:15-8:30        Cleanup/Music and Movement
8:30-8:50       Bathroom/Wash Hands/Breakfast (AM snack)
8:50-9:00       Storytime
9:00-9:20       Morning Circle
9:20-10:20      Centers/Art Craft
10:20-10:30    Cleanup/Bathroom
10:30-10:45    Bible Time/Music Movement
10:45-11:30      Outside/Gross Motor Play
11:30-11:45       Bathroom/Wash Hands
11:45-12:15        Lunch
12:15-12:30       Bathroom/Wash Hands
12:30-2:30       Naptime
2:30-2:45         Bathroom/Wash Hands/PM Snack
2:45-3:10          Centers/Free Play
3:10-3:20          Cleanup
3:20-6:00        Combine with other 3


  • Crib-sized Sheet & Blanket
  • Water/Milk Bottle or Cup with Lid
  • Playdough/Markers/Crayons (as needed)
  • Change of clothes (just in case)