Meet our Staff



Ms. Lyniece makes KCLC run smoothly. She plans many fun events and activities to make the children feel loved. She has been a teacher, a mother, and now she's the head employer.



Ms. Bailey has been an assistant and lead teacher for the Threes. She handles designing the monthly calendars, newsletters, and birthday lists.


Infants Lead Teacher

Ms. Ana has been teaching for 15 years and loves to see the first year of development for the children. She helps welcome each new family to KCLC as many kids start in her room.


Infants Opening Assistant

Ms. Mayra has been helping Ms. Ana for 14 years. She is always here bright and early to greet all the little ones.

Stephanie S.

Infants Closing Assistant

Ms. Stephanie S. started with KCLC in 2021 and loves to spend time with the babies.


12-18 months Lead Teacher

Ms. Cheryl is originally from London, England. She has been at KCLC for seven years but has taught for 11 years prior at Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church Preschool.


12-18 months Assistant Teacher

Ms. Teresita loves the children's innocence and simplicity. She has been teaching for 5 years and speaks primarily Spanish.


18-24 months Lead Teacher

Ms. Carmen since the age of twelve, has cared for little ones. She previously taught at a pre-school in Florida for 27 years. She speaks Spanish and English fluently.


18-24 months Assistant Teacher

Ms. Maria started working at KCLC a year ago. She helped Ms. Carmen open her class and is also bilingual. She has a love for children and attention to detail.


Young 2's Assistant Teacher

Ms. Niasia joined KCLC in 2022. She helps out not just the Twos but also Pre-K and sometimes the Threes.


Young 2's Lead Teacher

Ms. Kelsey started teaching in 2020 and worked multiple jobs, one of which was a special needs school. She is very efficient and keeps the parents well informed about their child(ren).


Older 2's Lead Teacher

Ms. Deanne has been an Educator for over 15 years. She has worked at KCLC since 2021 and this year has been appointed our Older 2's Lead. She loves music and cares a lot for all children.


Younger 3's Lead Teacher

Ms. Dorina has been teaching for the past 19 years. She is proud to make a difference in the children's lives and share the kind of world she would want to live in.


Older 2's Assistant Teacher

Ms. Alejandra joined KCLC in 2023. She is bilingual and loves to help each child grow.


Older 3's Lead Teacher

Ms. Kathy has been at KCLC since 2004. She loves watching children's faces light up when the accomplish something new.


Pre-K #1 Lead Teacher

Ms. Angie has been our longest attending teacher. She has been with us since 1996. She is a very gentle teacher with a real heart for kids.

Stephanie W

Pre-K #2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Stephanie joined the same year as Ms. Kathy almost 20 years ago. She helps each child succeed as they prepare for Kindergarten.


Pre-K #2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sabrina has been at KCLC since 2007. She helps our Pre K classrooms run smoothly by assisting the teachers. She is a very fun and dedicated to helping each child be the best they can be.


12-18 months Closing Assistant

Ms. Linda, or Grandma as the children call her, gives so much to KCLC. She is one of our afternoon floaters and she primarily works in the toddlers and two year old classrooms. She loves to help the children grow and learn through play.


2's Closing Assistant

Ms. Elva joined KCLC in 2023. She is one of our afternoon floaters. She works primarily with infants-older twos. She is bilingual and has a heart for our little's.