"The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; he utters his voice, the earth melts. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah"
Psalm 46:6-7

Hey Friends,

I’d like to venture a guess if I can. The last few days have been heavy for you. I am willing to guess at this because the last few days have been heavy for me! Turning on the news, opening Facebook, or scrolling through Instagram gives pictures of a world that is struggling. The earthquake in Haiti, the situation in Afghanistan, and that doesn’t even get to some of our domestic struggles. It all feels heavy. Part of the reason, as pointed out by a few social media influencers this week, is that we are not designed to deal with the amount of news and information we are inundated with. Our world is one of instant reporting and 24 hour news cycles that have to be full of the things that grab us and demand our attention.

Ironically, bad news is not new. The way we report and respond may have changed but our reality is a world turned upside down by the power of sin. This is not news to you. It is also not news to the scriptures. If you read through Psalm 46, and you should, you might think the Psalmist is writing of this past week, or the week before that, or the week before that. But he is not; he is telling his story which has become a part of our story. Luckily, the Psalms don’t JUST give us the bad news; they also tell us the truth about the good news. The nations rage but the Lord of hosts is with us! That is good news and that is true news. Sometimes we picture the Bible as a book with platitudes; it is anything but. The Scriptures acknowledge the brokenness of the world around us and still give us hope in a reality that we affirm. God is with us. This is language that we most often use around Christmas but is THE story of the Bible. It can be our story too. We can acknowledge the brokenness around us while still claiming the hope of Emmanuel (God with us).

What is more interesting to me is that the Psalmist gives us special instructions in this Psalm. Did you see it? Three different times in this Psalm the word Selah is inserted. Now I think this is a wonderful word- so wonderful it is my daughter’s name (no one is sure exactly how to say it but we say Say-luh in our house). No one is completely sure what this word means, some say it means to pause and reflect; others say it’s a moment of stillness and still others think it is a moment of celebration. Any of those work because they all fit the purpose of the Psalmist. He is attempting to get us to stop and wrestle with the truth of our world and the goodness of God instead of rushing through the news and onto the next thing. Maybe for us Selah means turn off the news and read the words of Scripture. Pause, reflect and celebrate! I am sure it will take away the heaviness of the moment and allow hope to enter in.

This Sunday we will continue our series called “Here We Go!”. We have been working through Philippians together and we’ve got two more weeks. I hope you will make plans to be a part of worship either in-person or online. We’ve talked about Potential and Purpose and this week we turn our attention to Perspective. There are a lot of great opportunities for connection and growth coming in the next few weeks so be on the lookout for those. As always, I am so grateful to be on this journey together and am always amazed at your faithfulness! Here We Go!!!

Adam (aka Selah’s Dad)

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